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One the Road to Mental Wellness

"On the Road to Mental Wellness: A story about driving change for young people's mental health."



The Mobile Youth Wellness Hub is coming in 2024 - thanks to our partnership with B'Saanibamaadsiwin, funding by @uwsimcoemuskoka, and our many community service providers!


Once upon a time, our community was missing something important.


Better yet, young people in Muskoka were missing something important: easier access to mental health and wellness supports.


Young people in Muskoka face challenges and barriers when trying to get the support they need. Many of them can’t afford the cost of therapy or are on a waitlist to access free mental health services. Some live in isolated areas and don’t have transportation to get them to in-person meetings.


We see it on the daily here at MiND-AID and we aren’t the only ones. Mental health workers at B’Saanibamaadsiwin, an Indigenous mental health program at the Canadian Mental Health Association, are seeing it, too – as well as many other providers across our community.


But what if our organisations could bring mental health supports to young people?


What if there was a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space where they could hang out, play games, share a meal, learn through workshops – and most importantly, ask for help?


A wellness hub on wheels that could go anywhere so young people could connect with the services they needed for their wellness.


This dream would need our whole community to come together to make it happen. (And also a very large, specialised vehicle that could travel across Muskoka...beep beep!)


But you know what they say about big ideas? They lead to big adventures…and this one was just getting started!


Stay tuned for Part 2 of “On the Road to Mental Wellness,” a story about driving change for young people’s mental health.

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