Local mom honours her son by raising funds to help other young people ...

Coco Bear gives to the Poop Happens Fund

Conrad (a.k.a. Coco, in his early years) was creative and young,  with much to offer the world around him.  Tragically, he lost his battle with addiction on July 13th of 2019.  He left behind a colourful drawing of a bear on his parents' refrigerator, which his mother Shari now uses to raise awareness and funds in his honour.  

The Coco Bear Fundraiser recently donated $5000 to our Poop Happens Fund, to assist young people with unexpected expenses that arise along their journey to mental wellness while working with MiND-AID.

You can help raise awareness and funds too by purchasing beautiful hoodies, toques, t-shirts, buffs and stickers from Shari here.


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