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Our Navigation Service is simple and free.  If you or someone close to you may need mental health help but are unsure of where to start, or what services are available, MiND-AID can help. Our friendly and skilled Navigators will help you to determine and locate the best resources to fit your personal situation and goals. MiND-AID Navigators will also help prepare you for any necessary steps ahead on your support journey.


       WE LISTEN 

MiND-AID Navigators will build a trusted relationship with each young person (and guardian when applicable) to ensure a more holistic understanding of the specific circumstances surrounding their personal struggle, and to allow the natural comfortable sharing that occurs when enough time is given.



The Navigator will meet the young person where they are at on their journey and in a location that is most comfortable for the individual; face-to-face in a public or professional setting, over the phone, through text, email, or online video.



A Circle of Care will be identified or formed by the Navigator, including family, friends, educators, as well as medical and professional service providers, to ensure that all identified areas of concern are addressed in a coordinated effort.



Mental Health Care terminology and processes will be explained by the Navigator and mapping out of options and steps for continuing care will be provided.



Once a path is chosen, and with consent, the Navigator may assist the individual with entry into services, whether by personally accompanying or by calling ahead to make introductions (avoiding the potential re-traumatization which can occur if an individual is required to continually recount details of personal trauma).



If the individual encounters long wait times or has difficulty with a specific modality of service, the Navigator can work with an individual to explore alternative solutions or help expedite a process based on recognized urgency.



Many services are time-limited and/or end abruptly often leaving an individual without a pathway to continued care options.  This can lead to gaps in an individual’s care.  Navigators will stay connected to an individual for as long as is needed, while being constructive to the needs of that person throughout their personal journey.


Some mental health services are free and some come at a cost. MiND-AID will help you to understand the funding options available to you, and when possible and needed, MiND-AID may be able to link you to funding for certain mental health services.


Muskoka is home to a diverse array of mental health practitioners working within service organizations and in independent practices, each with unique skills, training, clientele, and focus, as well as varying fees for service.



MiND-AID is here to help you sort through the confusing network of services, so you can choose the best resource to suit your situation and goals.  We do not list all of the resources found in Muskoka or which serve Muskoka, because the list is overwhelming and ever-changing.  We can tell you however, that we have referred clients in need of support to over one hundred different services, resources and professionals. Once we know a little more about you, we can provide you with a customized menu of suitable options to choose from.  Below are some of the areas of help we have referred to.


Suicide Supports

Safety Planning

Trauma Supports


Disability Supports

Grief Counselling

Social Support

Financial Supports


Support Groups

Inpatient Care

Cultural Support

Child & Youth Worker

Legal Support

Homelessness Aid

Social Services

LGBTQ2S+ Supports

Social Worker

Addictions Supports

Family Planning

Victim Supports

Walk-in Clinic

Spiritual Support

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MiND-AID exists to help you figure out each step toward feeling better. Not sure where to start
or have a question ... we're here for that too.

MiND-AID is NOT a Mental Health Crisis Service.

Local Crisis Lines

Mental Health Crisis Line for 18+yrs  - Canadian Mental Health Association 


Mental Health Crisis Line for Children and Youth - Family Connexions 


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