Muskoka is home to a diverse array of mental health practitioners working within service organizations and in independent practices, each with unique skills, training, clientele, and focus, as well as varying fees for service.



MiND-AID is here to help you sort through the confusing network of services, so you can choose the best resource to suit your situation and goals.


Suicide Supports

Safety Planning

Trauma Supports


Disability Supports

Grief Counselling

Social Support

Financial Supports


Support Groups

Inpatient Care

Cultural Support

Child & Youth Worker

Legal Support

Homelessness Aid

Social Services

LGBTQ2S+ Supports

Social Worker

Addictions Supports

Family Planning

Victim Supports

Walk-in Clinic

Spiritual Support

MiND-AID exists to help you figure out each step toward feeling better. Not sure where to start or have a question ... we're here for that too.